The Princeton Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, city owned parks, storm and sanitary sewer, and roadway signage within the City of Princeton. The Street Department is also responsible for the collection of household and recyclable solid waste.

On a daily basis, an average of 6.2 tons of household waste and 4.6 tons of recyclable waste is collected. The Street Department is also responsible for town-wide mosquito control throughout the spring, summer, and fall.
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Interesting Statistics
  • Miles of Curb - 60
  • Miles of Sanitary Sewer - 48
  • Miles of Sidewalk - 62
  • Miles of Storm Sewer - 24
  • Miles of Street - 58
  • Tons of Household Waste per Day - 6.2
  • Tons of Recyclable Waste per Day - 4.6