Grease Issues

The Problem
If you are wondering if grease is a problem, in the sewage collection and treatment business, the answer is an emphatic yes. Grease is singled out for special attention because it collects in sewer lines and can completely plug a pipe.

Grease in warm water or liquid may not appear harmful. But as the liquid cools, the Grease hardens and collects on sewer mains and pumps. This may cause sewer backup problems at the city's lift stations or waste water treatment plant.
To help eliminate this problem, all grease or oils from cooking or automotive repairs should be put into containers for proper disposal.

It makes no sense to spend precious dollars collected from rates to clean Grease out of sewer pipes.  These expenses can be avoided simply by each one of us properly disposing of Grease rather than washing it down the drain.

Commercial Grease Issues
Large amounts of oil and grease in the waste water cause trouble in the collection system pipes and the waste water treatment plant. It decreases pipe capacity and, therefore requires that piping systems be cleaned more often and/ or some piping to be replaced sooner than otherwise expected.

Problems caused by wastes from restaurants, food processing facilities, and other grease producing establishments have served as the basis for ordinance and regulations governing the discharge of grease materials to the sanitary sewer system. This type of waste has forced the requirement of the installation of preliminary treatment facilities, commonly known as grease traps or interceptors.