Business & Industry

Princeton takes pride in the fact that a variety of long-term industrial investors make their homes in Princeton. Most are the leaders in their respective industries. This only has been possible through sound industrial management practices, legendary workforces, and a partnership with the city which makes sure the industries are able to optimize their up-times.

New companies have joined the economic landscape in recent years. An entrepreneurial atmosphere has attracted new investment and created jobs. An Enterprise Zone and a TIF District offer development incentives in many areas of the city. Princeton has a broad offering of development acreage in which businesses can grow. A 12-mile fiber optic backbone surrounds the city with high-speed data transmission capabilities and unlimited bandwidth. Many transportation options are available to serve any need. Princeton responds to the changing needs of businesses by investing in reliable and efficient utility infrastructure.

The future is bright and starts in Princeton.

Inquiries can be made to the City Manager or to the City Clerk at 815-875-2631.

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SEQ No Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
1.00 City Hall Theresa Wittenauer City Manager (815) 875-2631 .ext 1005
2.00 City Hall, Planning & Zoning Dept. Peter Nelson City Clerk Director of Planning & Zoning (815) 875-2631 .ext 1007