North Central Illinois Economic Development

With a commitment to a Progressive Future, business leaders and elected officials in Bureau, LaSalle and Putnam Counties of Illinois, united to form the Economic Development Corporation of North Central Illinois (NCI) in 2016. The non-profit Public-Private Partnership is focused and dedicated to marketing the region for new investment and job creation.

Regional Vision

North Central Illinois is recognized as a Progressive and Diverse Environment for Businesses committed to positive growth and quality of life for residents.


Organization Mission

The Mission of the NCI is to Create Shared Prosperity and Economic Opportunity in the Region by Aggressively Marketing Locational Advantages for Business Investment.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Encourage business development in the region that will increase the tax base, diversify the economy, and provide quality employment opportunities.
  2. Foster job-creating growth and expansion of existing business and industry.
  3. Promote an environment that provides quality educational opportunities and workforce training for all ages.

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