Community Tree Planting Program

The City of Princeton invites you to help beautify our city with a little help from us. Please consider taking advantage of our offer and doing something wonderful for the ecology!

Planting trees help to contribute to many valuable benefits:

  • Cleanses pollutants from the air
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide
  • Produces oxygen
  • Controls soil erosion
  • Helps reduce ambient noise
  • Beautification and economic value of community


In order to qualify for reimbursement under the City of Princeton’s tree planting program, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Trees planted before city approval are ineligible.
  2. The tree must be suitable for our climate zone (5).
  3. The tree must have a minimum diameter of one inch when measured six inches above ground level.
  4. The tree must be purchased in Bureau County.
  5. An application must be filled out and submitted prior to purchase of tree. Planting location must be noted on application and physically marked with flag accompanying application form.
  6. The tree must be planted within the corporate limits of the City of Princeton.
  7. The planting location will be field checked by the city and application will be approved or denied.
  8. After approval is received and tree is planted, applicant must submit a receipt for purchase price of tree to City Hall. Reimbursement of 50% or $50.00, whichever is less, will be made within four to six weeks.

This program will be administered on a first come, first served basis until funds are depleted. Funds are received on an annual basis. Only one reimbursement per family, per year will be allowed.

If you have any additional questions please contact City Hall at 815-875-2631 or email

Application for Community Tree Planting Program