Burial Cost

Note: Going forward, all full burials are required to have a vault. No caskets will be allowed. Cremations are not required to have a vault.

Oakland Cemetery Plots
Lot Size Amount
4'x8' Infant Space $225.00
5'x10' Single Space $625.00
10'x15' Two Space, Monument Lot $1,700.00
15'x15' Three Space, Monument Lot $2,550.00
10'x25' Four Space, Monument Lot $3,400.00

Elm Lawn Memorial Park Plots
Lot Size Amount
3'4"x10' Single Space $725.00

Burial Charges
Type of Burial Amount
Weekday Adult - Full Grave Burial $575.00
Weekday Infant $175.00
Weekday Cremation $175.00
Weekend Adult - Full Grave Burial $1000.00
Weekend Infant - Full Grave Burial $500.00
Weekend Cremation $500.00
Marker/Setting Fee $75.00 (Per Piece)