The City of Princeton invites you to plant a tree as an opportunity to remember loved ones while enhancing the natural beauty of Oakland Cemetery and Elm Lawn Memorial Park.

Program Details

By participating in the Legacy Tree Program, you are able to have a new tree planted in memory of or in honor of your loved one. The type of tree and location of tree has to be approved by the City. The cost of the tree as well as the cost of planting the tree is sole responsibility of the donor.

Legacy trees are a living tribute with a finite longevity. Under most circumstances and with the proper care, most trees typically live for decades. Every effort will be made to maintain the tree in the best of health to ensure maximum lifespan.


  • For a donation of $300, a new tree will be planted
  • For a donation of $425, a new tree will be planted with a ground level, remembrance plaque located near the tree. Messages may be up to 3 lines with 12 characters per line.
legecytree2 The donation cost covers purchasing the tree, installation, all maintenance*, and any replacement needed within the first 5 years.

*Maintenance includes: watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, weeding, edging, and complete plant health care.

Donors have the option of selecting their top three preferences of tree species from the approved tree list. We have developed a list of trees suitable for their aesthetic appearance at maturity as well as their tolerance to the soil and climate of the site. The City will guarantee that one of those preferences will be chosen. Also, donors may communicate a preference for the location of the tree, but the City cannot guarantee the location.

Planting will occur in the spring or fall with new trees ranging between 4 and 7 feet tall at installation.

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