In 2003 the Electric Department enter the telecommunication business forming a partnership with Connecting Point / IVNet of Peru. The department has installed over 22 miles of fiber optic cable and provides high speed Internet to Industrial and Commercial customers over the fiber.

Along with fiber-optic digital communication, Princeton is providing free wireless internet access at hotspots throughout the city. Powered by Fiber-optic, internet connections are reliable and fast.

All you need to access the internet at any of our hotspots is a device that has wifi capabilities such as laptop, phone, iPad, etc.

Wireless internet is currently available at the following locations:
Princeton Amtrak Depot
107 Bicentennial Drive
Princeton, IL
Darius Miller Park
13593 Bicentennial Park Dr.
Princeton, IL
Princeton Chamber of Commerce
Prouty Building
435 S Main Street
Princeton, IL