Fire Chaplaincy

"Chaplaincy Focus Triangle"
The Chaplain's triangle is comprised of the following principles: support, connect, and presence.
The support element is guided to provide emotional and spiritual support for fire department staff, victims, and families in the high stress situations the Department encounters.
The connect element is focused on serving as the connecting person between people and needed, accessible resources.
The presence element advocates the chaplain be present with the officers and members of the Princeton Fire Department during routine, dangerous, and traumatic situations. The presence element also embraces the community during their times of loss and coping.

Roles & Responsibilities
The Chaplain responds to incidents using the following guidelines:
A working fire or incident at the general alarm level or greater is in progress
A critical incident is in progress
A critical injury or death to a firefighter is reported
The incident involves a victim that is a member of a fire department employee’s family
Whenever the incident commander determines that the services of the Chaplain may be of value in the ongoing emergency operation; this may include situations where:
Victim or family is highly emotional or unstable
Care is needed for the family of the victim while treatment is underway
The victim or the family requests the services of a chaplain or clergy
Incident Commander feels the presence of the Chaplain would be of benefit to the victim or to department personnel
In the event the Fire Chaplain is summoned, he will always conduct follow-up to ensure first responders and victims are receiving necessary assistance as needed or directed by the Incident Commander.

Fire Chaplain
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