The Princeton Fire Department is comprised of the resources and first-responders needed for firefighting, vehicle rescue, extrication, and emergency medical services.
The department staff consists of a full time fire chief and deputy chief; 12 full time personnel operating on a 48 hours on, 96 hours off rotation, and a number of part-time personnel.  Daily staffing is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6, not including the Fire Chief or Deputy Chief.
Our department personnel are committed to providing the highest quality of fire and emergency medical service in order to protect the well-being and safety of Princeton's citizens and their property.

The role and responsibilities of the Princeton Fire Department are 3-fold.

fireTo Protect
As a department, we strive, first and foremost, to protect our firefighters who serve this community through quality training, providing them with the necessary information and skills to remain safe through the course of there duties.

The Princeton Fire Department also acts to protect the citizens of this community through the established service levels including fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, and rescue & extrication operations.

- Fire Suppression services are performed by all firefighters and supported by mutual aid as requested. Our firefighters combat an array of fires including structural, vehicle, and agricultural.
- Emergency Medical Services comprises approximately 86% of all emergency requests. Our paramedics and EMT's are intensely trained to handle various medical and trauma emergencies. Princeton Fire Department offers advanced field treatments and utilizes technologically advanced tools to gain access to early and definitive treatment.
- Vehicle Rescue & Extrication is performed by all personnel trained in the use of specialty rescue tools such as the hydraulic spreaders, cutters and rams, air-powered lifting bags, and bracing systems. Vehicle extrication equipment is carried on both of our Fire Engines.

To Serve

Department leadership provides the firefighters of this community with the leadership, challenges, and training in order to gain ownership in the very same organization, which serves their loved ones and neighbors.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our community's high level of expectation by continuously upholding the highest professional conduct and delivery of service each time we are called upon to assist a fellow citizen in need.

To Educate
The Princeton Fire Department continually prepares our personnel to operate as competent Firefighters on the fire ground, in the fire station, and within the City of Princeton at all times.

In order to help safeguard the citizens of Princeton, we operate and maintain programs designed to educate and inform members of our community in matters of fire prevention and personal & public safety.

Mission Statement
Princeton Fire Department's mission is to protect and serve our citizens and visitors promptly and professionally through pride and excellence.  Through this, we deliver the highest level of public service utilizing integrity, commitment, community relations, and teamwork.

General Information
If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911!

Station: Dispatch:
Princeton Fire & EMS Department
2 Main Street S.
Princeton, IL 61356
Phone: 815-875-1861
Fax: 815-879-2208
615 Elm Place
Princeton, Illinois 61356
Director: 815-879-3803
24 Hour Dispatch: 815-872-1420