Open Burning Ordinance

open_burningThe burning ordinance has been created to help promote a healthy and safe environment for our citizens without being unreasonably restrictive. If you have any questions about this ordinance, please call the Princeton Fire Department at 815-875-1861.
The following information contains highlights of the rules and regulations governing burning in the City of Princeton. Before burning you are encouraged to examine a detailed copy of the Open Burning Ordinance.

Landscape Waste
Landscape waste includes DRY leaves, the DRY trimmings or fallen pieces of trees or bushes, and other DRY vegetative matter as is ordinarily produced by any yard, garden or lot.

Permitted Burning:

  1. Beginning April 1st and ending May 1st, and beginning October 1st and ending November 30th.
  2. NO burning permitted on Mondays or Fridays.
  3. Burning permitted on all other days between the hours of 7 :00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  4. Burning days may be further restricted if, in the determination of the Fire Chief, weather or other unsafe conditions exist. Those restrictions will be posted and distributed through local news media.
Burning of landscape waste may be unlawful when it causes a public nuisance.
Burning shall be at least 25 feet from any structure or vehicle and must not occur on public property.
Fire must be attended by a responsible person at all times and a means of extinguishment must be available.
Smoke must not obstruct the view on a street, sidewalk or railroad track.

According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the following activities are never allowed or permitted:
Open burning of waste by a business is illegal (except for landscape waste generated to maintain the property and agricultural waste generated on the property under limited circumstances) .
Open burning of garbage (i.e., food, food scraps, food packaging, and diapers), construction/demolition debris, tires, and materials containing asbestos is always prohibited.

Yard/Landscape Waste Pick Up
Yard waste may be taken year round to the designated area south of the drive-thru recycling building on North Euclid Avenue.

Yard waste is also collected weekly on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays, beginning in the Spring and ending in late Fall. For pick up, yard waste must be in biodegradable paper bags or in a container of your choice, not to exceed 45 gallons or 50 lbs, with a free yard waste emblem mounted on the front. Free emblems may be picked up at City Hall.

Arrangements for large amounts of branches may be made by calling the Street Department.

Questions regarding yard waste pick-up can be directed to the City of Princeton Streets & Sanitation Department at 815-872-7331.

Grills & Recreational Fires
An outdoor recreational fire for the purpose of cooking or warming that cannot exceed 2-by-2-by-2 feet. Includes the use of barbeque grills, outdoor fireplaces, and other cooking appliances

Grills and recreational fires are not prohibited by this ordinance
Must be completely extinguished after use

An outdoor fire for ceremonial purposes larger than 2-by-2-by-2 feet, but not larger than 5-by-5-by-5 feet.

Property owner must be issued a permit by the fire chief at least 5 days in advance following an inspection of the area
Fuel must be dry, seasoned firewood
Cannot be used for waste disposal purposes