Public Education

The Public Education Division of Princeton Fire Department is committed to educating our residents with information regarding fire and life safety, in an effort to reduce the incidents and severity of fire or medical related accidents.

We offer several educational programs and activities designed for all ages and ethnic groups within our community.

Fire Station Tours
Come in and see us! Our doors are always open to the residents of our community. You will get a first hand view of how we spend our day at the station, as well as the tools and apparatus that we use. This can be done as an individual or as a group. We do ask that for tours you call and set up time to make sure that we are able to meet you needs. This will also give us a better understanding of the age groups and topics that you may want us to discuss.

Classroom Presentations
Fire prevention in Princeton is extremely important to the members of the fire department, and you can never be too young to start learning the importance of fire and life safety. We as a department thrive to maintain a strong relationship with our students, by providing safety programs to all day care or educational programs.

Some topics we cover when going into a facility to teach on fire and life safety are the topics of:
  • 911
  • Exit drills in the home
  • Firefighter gear and the tools we use as a department
  • Smoke detector awareness
  • Stop, drop, and roll
Senior Citizens
Princeton Fire Department recognizes that a large percentage of our population is elderly, and we are proud to offer fire and life safety programs specifically designed around our elderly they are developed around independence and pride, yet address everyday situations. These presentations cover fire and injury prevention practices.

Presentations at Community, Professional & Civic Meetings
Are you looking for a new speaker at your organizations meeting? The Princeton Fire Department would be happy to come a meeting and put on a presentation designed for your needs.

Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Awareness
The Princeton Fire Department has noticed a substantial increase in the number of house fires in which a smoke detector was not operable or missing at the time of the fire. Carbon monoxide is also a hazard that becomes more prevalent during the cold weather months. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can be harmful or fatal if it goes undetected. Every home should have at least 1 smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor, and if possible in every sleeping area.

The Fire Department has smoke detectors available, free of charge, for residents in our community. We also have literature on smoke detectors available, witch provide helpful information on safety, placement, and home fire drills, as well as sticker to remind you to test your detectors monthly.

Not sure where the best place to put a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector in your home, then let us help. We will come to your home and give suggestion on proper location for the detectors.

Assisting With Fire Escape & Life Safety Planning
We have found that not all organizations or business have a proper fire plan in place. We will be more than happy to come out access the needs of your organization or business to make sure you have a safe evacuation plan in place for everyone.

Car Seat Checks
The Princeton Fire Department has certified safety seat inspectors that will check your car seat installation and teach you the proper way to install a car safety seat.

Special Events
The members of the fire department participate in several events throughout the year. This is our opportunity to interact with the public in a casual manner.