Equal Payment Plan

Have you ever wished your City of Princeton Utility bill was evenly distributed through out the year? Our Equal Payment Plan will allow you to do just that, letting you budget your Princeton Municipal Utilities bill in equal payments year-round.

To qualify, you must have your account paid in full and have a one-year billing history for Princeton Municipal Utilities at your present service location. You will need to contact the City Clerk’s Office to calculate the Equal Payment amount.

Your utilities bill will still show the charges for actual usage plus show the monthly Equal Payment amount that you will need to pay.

Princeton Municipal Utilities will update the Equal Payment amount at least twice each year in January and July. At the City’s discretion we may include a percentage increase due to current rate increases or forthcoming increases.

You need to make a monthly Equal Payment in order to remain on the Plan. Failure to make the monthly Equal Payment will result in discontinuation of the Plan and your electric service could be terminated.

Download the Equal Payment Sign-Up Form Here