Free Check Valve Program

The City of Princeton is excited to announce the continuation of the check-valve reimbursement program to assist residents who have had sewer back up issues in their basements. The p rogram p rovides City of Princeton sanitary sewer customers a free check valve that is to be installed in their sanitary sewer service line. This program does not apply to any check valves that have been installed prior to December 1, 2008.

Residents are required to sign a contract stating that the installation will be done by a licensed plumber and that they will not hold the city liable for any problems that may be related to the check valve. The check valve MUST be installed by a licensed plumber and installation verified by the City Waste Water Department to ensure the check v alve has been installed . The check valve that is furnished by the city MUST be installed within 90 days and be installed correctly or the home owner will be billed full price for the valve. A copy of the contract can be picked up at city hall during regular office hours or downloaded using the link below.

Free Check Valve Program Contract

To Learn More...

93TheresaWittenauerResidents who are interested in learning about this program or who have questions should contact:

SEQ No Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
1.00 City Hall Theresa Wittenauer City Manager (815) 875-2631 .ext 1005
2.00 Water Dept., Waste Water Dept. Tim Forristall Superintendent of Water & Waste Water (815) 875-2631 .ext 1701/1301