Boards & Commissions

Below you will find the membership and term information for a number of boards and advisory committees throughout the Princeton community.  Collectively, these bodies and their members help guide our community forward while ensuring our valued history and traditions are well cared for.

If you are interested in serving on a Board or Committee for the City of Princeton, please complete our Committee Interest Form. The City Manager will contact you if she needs any additional information.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
Role & Responsibilities

The purpose of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission is to promote and encourage bicycling, walking, and running in a safe and efficient manner in the City of Princeton for the purposes of health, recreation and transportation. The commission assists the City in order to develop, review, and revise a Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan by analyzing routing, operations, and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and runners to achieve the following goals:

  • help the City of Princeton gain certification and recognition as a "Bicycle Friendly Community"
  • create a Safe Routes Master Plan
  • identify local bike and pedestrian routes and create maps.
  • create and promote bicycle education and safety programs for all ages
  • identify and assist in obtaining funding to create routes
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
No meeting dates currently found!
Current Membership
Matt May 6/30/2025
Whitney Artega 6/30/2025
Leo Artega 6/30/2024
LuAnne Elliott 6/30/2024
Michael Zearing 6/30/2023
Eileen Wolfe 6/30/2023
Elliott Wolfe 6/30/2023
Board of Police/Fire Commissioners
Role & Responsibilities

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners of the City of Princeton attains its authority from the Illinois Municipal Code, Illinois Compiled Statutes and from the City of Princeton Ordinances. The responsibilities of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners are as follows:

To recruit, select, and appoint qualified candidates to fill vacancies for original appointment of Police Officer and Firefighter/Paramedic as prescribed by the City of Princeton Board of Fire and Police Commissioner Rules and Regulations, State Statues, and City Ordinances.

To provide testing and selection procedures to allow qualified employees to participate in the promotional process for the positions in the fire and police departments.

To conduct disciplinary hearings or appeals of disciplinary action by uniformed personnel in the Fire and Police Departments.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

No meeting dates currently found!

Current Membership
Rodney Lange 07/30/2025
Dan Jaeger 07/31/2024
Barry Portman 04/30/2026
Fire Pension Board
Role & Responsibilities
The Fire Pension Board manages, invests, and controls the fire pension fund and all moneys pertaining thereto in the manner provided by the statute. The Fire Pension Board is a five-member board made up of two mayoral appointees, two members elected from the active firefighters and one member elected from the retired firefighters.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
Current Membership
Bryan Berlin 04/30/2025
Nick Dykstra 04/30/2024
Gary Hanna 04/30/2024
Jerod Doty 04/30/2026
Chuck Woolley 04/30/2026
Robert Davidson Non-Expiring
Historic Preservation Commission
Role & Responsibilities
The Historic Preservation Commission members, appointed by the Mayor, serve to manage issues and interests with regard to the preservation of historic locations and buildings within the City of Princeton. The purpose of this commission is to promote the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of sites of special or historical value in the interest of the health, prosperity, safety and welfare of the citizens of Princeton by: HPC-Logo

  • Providing a mechanism to identity and preserve the historic and architectural characteristics of Princeton which represents elements of the city's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history;
  • To promote civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented in Princeton's landmarks and historic districts;
  • Stabilizing and improving the economic vitality and value of Princeton's landmarks and historic areas;
  • Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of the city to have buyers, visitors and shoppers and thereby supporting business, commerce, industry and providing economic benefit to the city;
  • Fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration of structures, areas, and neighborhoods and thereby preventing future urban blight.

Learn more about Historic Preservation in Princeton here.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule
Current Membership
Michael Zearing 12/31/2025
Michael Lee 12/31/2025
Catherine Unzicker 12/31/2024
Carrie Cobane 12/31/2026
Michael Stutzke 12/31/2026
Abby Taylor 12/31/2026
Lovejoy Homestead Board of Trustees
Role & Responsibilities
The Lovejoy Homestead Board of Trustees, appointed by the Mayor, serve to manage the trust and affairs of the Lovejoy Homestead on Peru Street. They maintain the visiting hours and upkeep of the home and make recommendations to the City Council on various items as they relate to the care of the homestead.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
No meeting dates currently found!
Current Membership
Kenn Corban, President Non-Expiring
Pam Lange, Secretary Non-Expiring
Sara Hudson, Treasurer Non-Expiring
Lex Poppens Non-Expiring
Dana Fine Non-Expiring
Sam Schiera Non-Expiring
Rob Jensen Non-Expiring
Library Board
Role & Responsibilities
The Library Board members, appointed by the Mayor, serve to manage the affairs of the Princeton Public Library. The Board shall be vested with the responsibilities for the funds, properties, and affairs of the Library and shall have the power and authority to do and perform all acts and functions in regard to the operation thereof which shall not be inconsistent with the Bylaws of the Board and the Municipal Code.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
All meetings are held at the Princeton Public Library and through Zoom at 7:00 pm according to current government pandemic recommendations
January 17, 2024
February 21, 2024
March 20, 2024
April 17, 2024
May 15, 2024
June 18, 2024 (Tuesday - Closed Wednesday)
July 17, 2024
August 21, 2024 (tentative)
September 8, 2024
October 16, 2024
November 20, 2024
December 18, 2024 (tentative)
Current Membership
Jan English, Vice President 06/30/2025
Lani Swinford, Secretary 06/30/2026
Chris Yepsen 06/30/2026 
Lauren Smith 06/30/2025
Jerry Thompson 06/30/2024
Tony Bonucci, President 06/30/2024
Carolyn Schafer, Treas. 06/30/2024
Andrew Russell  
Eileen Wolfe  
Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals
Role & Responsibilities

This Commission serves as the planning agency and zoning authority of the City. They prepare, maintain, review, and update the City's comprehensive plan and make recommendations on proposed developments to the City Council. Additionally, the Plan Commission serves as the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Plan Commission monitors developments and planning trends and makes recommendations to the City Council for policy and legislation. The appointed Commission consists of seven members; namely a chairman and six board members. The current goal of the Plan Commission is to continue to provide the City Council with recommendations on various planning associated issues that come before the Plan Commission on a regular basis.

The objectives of the Plan Commission are:

  • to provide planning and zoning administration throughout the City
  • to monitor trends in development, planning and zoning
  • and to assist the City Council by reviewing in depth development requests.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has the primary responsibility to hear and decide appeals in which it is alleged that there is error in interpretation or application of the Zoning Ordinance; hear and decide applications for variances from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, or in some instances hear and make recommendations to the City Council on variance requests; and review and make recommendations to the City Council on temporary use requests.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

All Lunch Meetings are scheduled at 12:00 pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall. No actions are taken at the Lunch Meetings. 
All Regular Meetings are scheduled at 5:30 pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall.

Lunch Meetings Regular Meetings
Friday, January 5 Tuesday, January 9
Friday, February 9 Tuesday, February 13
Friday, March 8 Tuesday, March 12
Friday, April 5 Tuesday, April 9
Friday, May 10 Tuesday, May 14
Friday, June 7 Tuesday, June 11
Friday, July 5 Tuesday, July 9
Friday, August 9 Tuesday, August 13
Friday, September 6 Tuesday, September 10
Friday, October 4
Tuesday, October 8
Friday, November 8
Tuesday, November 12
Friday,, December 6
Tuesday, December 10
Current Membership
James Scruggs 04/30/2025
Matt Keutzer 04/30/2025
Carol Bird 04/30/2025
Ian Cardosi 04/30/2024
Michael Wendt 04/30/2024
Jackie Davis 04/30/2026
Rodney Lange 04/30/2026
Police Pension Board
Role & Responsibilities
Police Pension Board governs the pension benefits for active full-time staff as well as full-time retirees of the Princeton Police Department.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule

PPPF Board will have a meeting Thursday July 30th, 2024 at 1 PM at the PPD


Current Membership
Michael Kernan 04/30/2025
Gary Swanson 04/30/2025
Barry Portman 04/30/2024
Adam Gusthall 04/30/2025
Cal Gramer 04/30/2025
Robert Davidson Non-Expiring
Public Arts Commission
Role & Responsibilities
The purpose of this commission is to promote the exploration, installation and appreciation of structures and experiences of artistic merit in the City of Princeton and surrounding area by providing mechanisms to identify opportunities and facilitate activities to: Princeton-Public-Arts-Logo

  1. Promote civic pride
  2. Engage residents in lifelong involvement in the arts in their many forms.
  3. Improve the economic and cultural vitality of Princeton
  4. Enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the city to current and potential residents, buyers, visitors and customers, thereby providing economic, cultural and social benefit.
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
Current Membership
Emalie Ohlson 04/30/2024
Julia Messina 04/30/2024
Matt Adams 04/30/2024
Rick Brooks 04/30/2023
Kathy Ballard 04/30/2023
Chuck Major 04/30/2022
Sallee Zearing 04/30/2023
Sheila Harrison 04/30/2022
Hector Gomez No Term
Peter Nelson No Term